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Hat Manipulation

Forms of Object Manipulation
Balisong (Butterfly Knife) Diabolos Juggling Sleight of Hand
Card Manipulation Dice Stacking Knife Throwing Shuffling
Chinese Yo-Yo Fire Staff Magic (Illusion) Spinning Tops
Chinlone Flair Bartending Nunchaku (Freestyle) Sport Stacking
Chip Tricks Footbag - Hack Sack Other Performance Skills Trick Roping
Cigar Box (Juggling) Glowsticking Pen Spinning Twirling
Club Swinging Hat Manipulation - You are here Plate Spinning Unicycles
Contact Juggling Hula Hoops Poi Spinning Whipcracking
Devil Sticks Isolation Rhythmic Gymnastics Yo-Yo
Videos - View Counts 25,000+  100,000+  1,000,000+  10,000,000+  100,000,000+
Adam Kuchler - Hats and Bags HAT(+a) - Juggling Tricks 2013
Amanda Crockett - Hat Juggling, Mime, etc Juggler with hats - Svetlana Bakunova
Avner the Eccentric's Norbi Whitney - A Short Hat Juggling Film
Gentlmen Juggling Act

Steve Stergiadis

Hat Juggling Routine - Some other unique props 
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