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Love Trumps Hate


Not a Fan of Hillary's nor Donald's,
Not a Fan of the Democratic nor of the Republican Parties,
Not a Fan of the Political Process, especially this time,
Not a Fan of votes not counted equally,
Not a Fan of Dishonesty, especially when it used to win and to cheat others,
Not a Fan of Bullies nor Bullying,
Not a Fan of Someone that puts him or herself above others,
Not a Fan of people being against others or things with faulty facts or bad information.

For a Political Process to work good,
It should be using good information, not trumped up charges!!
- Hitler was good at sensing what to say to charge people up,
- Hitler was good at using mis- and dis- information to fight and win,
- Hitler was good at charging others and putting the blame on them,
- Hitler had Joseph Goebbels directing the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda,
- Hitler was not elected to office, but rather was appointed Chancellor, before becoming Germany's Dictator,
- Saddam Hussein had Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf as Minister of Information,
- The Salem Witch Trials and Lynch Mobs were other fine examples of hate at work.

Fortunately for us, many scientific and technological advances were given the world, when another country give a new leader "The Chance." Advances were made in jet propulsion, rocket science, radar, atomic energy, and computer technology as the result of him being in office. Yes, Hitler and World War II accelerated many advances, but at what cost?

Our Political System needs to be fixed, even more so, when every vote cast is not counted equally!! 
Who won the "Popular Vote?"  CNN, Cook Political Report, PBS, US Election Atlas

This Election is giving us the largest disconnect between the "Popular Vote," and the "Electoral College Vote" ever! This disconnect is disregarding and ignoring the "Voice of the Majority" of the people!!

Some Evangelical Voters did not vote for the man, but rather for the platform. Be vigilant and don't forget Revelation 13, lest one day you end up a supporter of evil.

Who is constantly using misdirection, mis- and dis- information? Consider the words of Jesus in John 8:44.

Cult Leader Traits - Sow the seeds of distrust in those not part of the group (yes, Hitler was a Cult Leader).

Presidents Winning Without Popular Vote -
In fact, Donald Trump tweeted, "The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy," following Mitt Romney's loss in 2012.

Abolish the Electoral College -

How Powerful Is Your Vote?
When it comes to voting, not all states are created equal. - Slate

Ranked Choice Voting not the Lesser of Two Evils choice.


Out of the mouths of babes . . .

One sign was crafted by 5-year-old Johanna Gierut, and its pink scribbled letters formed a simple message, reading, “Donald Trump is mean.”

Trump protesters in Federal Plaza

A young protester holds up a sign in Federal Plaza on Nov. 19, 2016.
(Marwa Eltagouri /
Chicago Tribune)

Johanna said she thinks Trump is selfish, too — something she conveyed to her father, 35-year-old Nick Gierut, during a lesson on selfishness. Gierut said the protest offers his daughter a valuable lesson: That a hateful attitude toward minority groups, even if displayed by her future president, is not acceptable.

Gierut said he personally tried to give Trump a chance when he realized he would be the nation's next president. But Trump's recent Cabinet appointments, such as his choice for attorney general, Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, set Gierut back. Sessions is an anti-immigration crusader deeply disliked by civil rights activists.

The complete article is linked below . . .
Protesters march on Trump Tower for second weekend - Chicago Tribune