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Other Performance Skills
(Some of the non-Object Manipulations Skills)

Forms of Object Manipulation
Balisong (Butterfly Knife) Diabolos Juggling Sleight of Hand
Card Manipulation Dice Stacking Knife Throwing Shuffling
Chinese Yo-Yo Fire Staff Magic (Illusion) Spinning Tops
Chinlone Flair Bartending Nunchaku (Freestyle) Sport Stacking
Chip Tricks Footbag - Hack Sack Other Performance Skills Trick Roping
Cigar Box (Juggling) Glowsticking Pen Spinning Twirling
Club Swinging Hat Manipulation Plate Spinning Unicycles
Contact Juggling Hula Hoops Poi Spinning Whipcracking
Devil Sticks Isolation Rhythmic Gymnastics Yo-Yo
Videos - View Counts 25,000+  100,000+  1,000,000+  10,000,000+  100,000,000+
Accidental Inventions
Accidental Inventions That Changed The World 10 Accidental Inventions
Top 10 Accidental Inventions 10 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World
10 Accidental Discoveries 25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World
Acrobatic Gymnastics
Acrobatic Gymnastics People Are Awesome ! Insane Russian Gymnasts
Acts of Kindness
Entire Group is Caught on Tape Random Acts of Kindness caught on film
NYPD's Act of Kindness San Diego Officer's Final Act of Kindness
Aerial Acts
Alex & Anny Duo Air Oksana and Olga
Destiny Vinley - Aerial Silks Act
Aerobatic helicopter tricks with Chuck Aaron Peter Besenyei - Extreme Aerobatics
Champion Aerobatic Pilot Patty Wagstaff P-38 aerobatics by Steve Hinton
Jim LeRoy BullDog Best Pitts Aerobatic Pilot Sean Tucker in his new Challenger III Biplane 
African Roots Circus
Various Kinds of Skills
Air Shows
F-22 Raptor Demo - Aviation Nation 2008 USAF Thunderbirds - Aviation Nation 2011 (1hr 2 min)
Sukhoi Su-35 - Paris Air Show 2013 USN Blue Angels - 2013
Amazing People Skill and Talent
Amazing People Are Awesome - Epic Win Compilation 2017 Best Of The Week - Amazing People ... 2017 [ Ep 3 ]
Amazing People Skill And Talent - Epic Win Compilation Epic Win Compilation - Amazing People Skill and Talent
Amazing People Skill - Best Martial Arts Compilation Girls Are Awesome 2017 ( Martial Arts Edition )
Amazing/Beautiful Places
Top 10 Amazing Places On Earth Wonders of the World
Top 25 Prettiest Natural Places on Earth 10 Amazing Places Around The World
Unbelievable Places 20 World Most Beautiful Places
Animal Friends
Animal Odd Couples - Full Documentary 2013, 1:47 hrs Lion and Dog Kiss
NATURE - Animal Odd Couples - Kate and Pip - PBS Unlikely Animal Pairs Defy Laws of Nature
Coppelia - Royal Ballet 2000 Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet
Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker - Mariinsky Theatre
Battle of the Year 2010 - YAKfilms The Best of B-Boys - Red Bull Bc one
BBOY Battle 2012 - Massive Monkees vs Jinjo Crew The Urban Movement Tour 2011 Phily - YAKfilms
Best Of Funny ,Cute Bears Acting Like Humans - Compilation Polar Bears and Dogs Playing
Kung Fu Bear - Funny Parody
Belly Dance
Arabian Belly Dance - This Girl is insane! Shakira - Dance in Dubai
Sadie Belly Dance Santana ~ Black Magic Woman
Shakira - Ojos Así Turkish Belly Dancer - Didem
Industrial Revolutions - Danny MacAskill, Aug 2011 The Ridge - Danny MacAskill, Oct 2014
Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill, April 2009 Way Back Home - Danny MacAskill, Nov 2010
Birds - Lyre Birds are in a class by theirself (below)
Groucho the Singing Parrot  Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo - Stevie Nicks
Sam the Seagull - Stealing Doritios
Axel F - Plastic Musik Little Drummer Boy - The Boomwhacker Orchestra
Eye of the Tiger  The Pink Panther
The Lion Sleeps - Glenview 5th Grade William Tell Overture
Bubble Art/Magic
Burl - Bubbles Tom Noddy - Bubble Magic
Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man World Class Bubbles
Can't Stop Laughing
Bride Can't Stop Laughing During Wedding Vows Johnny Carson - While Welcoming New Sponsor
Card Throwing
Awesome Trick Shots Master of Business Card Throwing
Card Ninja - Pepsi Max Rick Smith Jr
Chalk Art
Amazing Sidewalk Chalk 3D Street Art Girl Awesome chalk art
Fantastic Sidewalk Art - The Chalk Guys
Cheerleading Teams
Columbus High School - 2008 State Champs Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Cheese Puff Art
Elvis Presley Painting on Velvet
Chinese Acrobats
Tinuola - Acrobatics and more Unbelievable Act
Chinese Dance
Lady Budda with Thousand Hands Peacock Dance
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights Gone Wild Holdman Christmas Lights 2010 - Complete Show
El Paso Christmas Lights 2013 Larsen Lights 2013 Fur Elise
Frozen Christmas Lights 6 Best Christmas Light Displays Ever!!
Classic Comedy Routines
Abbott & Costello Who's On First Jack Webb and Johnny Carson
Jack Benny - Mel Blanc Classic Routine Johnny Carson as President Reagan
Clog Dancing
Clogging Demo - 2008
Alexis - 2011 International Contortion Convention Gesabel Pirlo
Contortion Duo Act Solaris Sasha the Contortionist - Cirque
Contortionist Lucky - Britian's Got Talent 2012 audition

Tsetseglen Odgerel

Kings of Camouflage - NOVA, 53.46 min World's Deadliest : Hypnosis Attack
Cymatics (the study of wave phenomena, esp sound, and their visual representations)
Amazing Resonance Experiment! Cymatics Experiment with Ferrofluid ~ Visible Surface Currents
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford
Cymatics / Cimatica - Experiment 16 (432 Hz) - 43 mins Cymatics: video images of human voice
Cyr Wheel
Circonvolution improbable - Alexandre Lane Roue
Eleanor Powell & Fred Astaire Fred Astaire And Rita Hayworth
Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire - The Babbitt and the Bromide
Fred Astaire's Famous Ceiling Dance Swing Time - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
Dancing Cops
Charlotte, NC - Arrest traffic Providence, RI - Still traffic jamming at 64
Meet Mentoria Hutchinson, NYPD's Dancing Traffic Cop Top 10 Dancing Traffic Cops
The Amazing Skidboot - Texas Country Reporter Tina and Chandi - Britain's Got Talent 2010
Bailey the Snow Dog Ultimate Dog Tease - A Hilarious Talking Dog!
Miniature Poodle Tricks - LocoChan1432
Longest / Biggest Domino Line 275,000 Dominoes - Enjoy Your Life
Largest Domino 3D Pyramid (27x27) 500,000 Dominoes - The Year in Domino
Most dominoes toppled in a spiral (30,000)
Born To Create Drama - Three parts Super Dramatic Shampoo Commercial
Housekeeping San Diego Very Funny Pepsi Commercial
Andreas Helgstrand - WEG2006 Freestyle Final Anky Van Grunsven - WEG2006 Freestyle Final
Drum Corps
Southern Vs Grambling State - Drumline Battle 2012 Top Secret Drum Corps - Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009
Taiwanese Girl Drummer … Amazing Dylan Elise
Buddy Rich Impossible Drum Solo Grandma Drummer
Dragon House - Illusion of Choice Pumped Up Kicks - Marquese Scott
Fan Dance
Beautiful Chinese Fan Dance - Flying Kites Korean Fan - Dance Ensemble
Fast Workers
Amazing Fast Workers Super Human Level #7 - Best of 2016 People are Awesome (Fast Workers Edition)
Fast Workers Super Human Level ... with Amazing Skills People are Insane 2017 - Fastest Workers in the World
People are Awesome (Fast Workers Compilation 2016) #8 10 God Level Fasst Workers
Fastest Boats
Fastest Hydroplane on Earth World's Fastest Boat - 511 km/h
Smashing the Sailing World Speed Record - Dec 31, 2012 World's Fastest Sailboat - Apr 30, 2013
Fastest Cars
Fastest Car in the World: Worlds Top 5 Top 10 Fastest Cars In The World - Jul 10, 2014
Sailing at 126 mph - Greenbird Top 10 Fastest Cars In The World - Nov 6, 2014
Fastest Computers
Top 5 Desktop - 2014 Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers - 2014 / 2015
Top 5 Gaming PCs - 2015
Fastest Planes
Top 10 Fastest Aircraft In The World - Sep 24, 2011 Top 10 Fastest Planes in the World - Sep 3, 2013
Figure Skating
Pair's Figure Skating - Simply The Best
Finger Tutting
Dubstep Fingers | Finger Tutting Hand Dance JayFunky Finger Tutting for Monsieur Clay-Doh
Greasy Fingers | Finger Tut Unleash Your Fingers
Fireworks Shows
Disney's Celebrate America! - 4th of July Concert Fireworks the Most Beautiful in Japan - 30 minutes
Dubai New Year's Eve 2014 Fireworks - 32 minutes London Fireworks on New Year's Day 2011
Frisbee Dog Competition
Ashley Whippet Championship - Tampa, 2013 Freestyle Flying Disc Competition - Las Vegas, 2013
Awesome Frisbee Dogs Freestyle Flying Disc Competition - St Petersburg, 2013
German Wheel
Linde Wester Rhoenrad-WM 2011 - Arnsberg
Glass Harmonica
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy The Last Transit of Venus
Glass Harp
Ave Maria Sugar Plum Fairy - GlassDuo - Poland
Für Elise - Ludwig Van Beethoven Toccata and fugue in D minor - Bach-BWV 565
Gun Spinning
Fast Draw Fancy Gun Handling - Roanna Huckstep Trick Shooting, Gun Spinning & Fast Draw - Howard Darby
Gunslinger Joey Dillon Hollywood Gun Coach
Canon in D - Kinjo Gakuin University Handbell Choir Wizards in Winter - Harmonic Bronze
Pirates of the Caribbean + The Phantom of the Opera You Raise Me Up - Daejeon Handbell Choir
Buddy Greene - at Carnegie Hall Buddy Greene - Orange Blossom Special 1994!
Claude Debussy - Clair de lune - Stasa Mirkovic Grujic Handel's Harp Concerto - Varvara Ivanova (6 years old)
The Fountain - Alisa Sadikova Spring - John Thomas - Alice Sadikova (Harp)
Hawaiian/Polynesian Dance
Ori: Popular Hawaiian/Polynesian Dance - Kauai Tahitian Dance Mori
High Speed Trains
Fastest Train in the World Fastest Train 574 km/h
Seattle Slew - Full Documentary (42:07 minutes) Secretariat - Full Documentary (41:53 minutes)
Jen Slaw & Michael Karas Huggling World Record - 31 mins 30 Days of Huggling Trailer
Dana Carvey - Several voices on Jay Leno Frank Caliendo - Several voices on David Letterman
Frank Caliendo - as John Madden on David Letterman President George Bush and Steve Bridges - 2006 WHCD
Laughing Babies
Bath Time Laughing at Ripping Paper
Feeding Dog
Lipizzaner Stallions
Spanish Riding School Vienna Philharmonic The "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions
Lipstick Art
Angelina Jolie
Lyre Birds - In a class by theirself
Imitating Construction Work Lyre Bird beatboxing
Jump Rope Teams
Hungary's Best Rope Skipping Team Panthers Jump Rope Team - Beyonce - Move Your Body
Ketchup Art
Ketchup and French Fries
Kites, Indoor
AKA Open Individual Indoor Unlimited Competition Art of the Air - GuildWorks
Kites, Outdoor
Light Hearted Kites One Man Three Kites
Marble Machine
Wintergatan - Marble Machine (2000 marbles) Wintergatan - Marble Machine ( 2000 marbles) - 10 hours
Marching Bands
Notre Dame - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass OU Party Rock Anthem
OSU Hollywood Blockbuster Show WVU Armed Forces Salute
Marriage Proposals
Best Proposal Ever! - 2 Cops and Deportation Luvabull Proposal
Flash Mob Marriage Proposal She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn't Even Know it!!
Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!! World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal
Model Trains
Great American Railway at Northlandz - New Jersey Railway Museum Saitama - Japan
Largest Model Railway of Russia - Russia in miniature Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg, Germany
LOXX, Large Model Railway - Berlin, Germany
Motorcycle Drill Teams
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Vancouver Police
Philadelphia PD - In Washington DC 1950s Italian Police
Multiple Skills
AZO Showreels 2009 AZO Showreels 2010
Non-Newtonian Fluid
Fano Flow Open siphon effect, dipping
Fun with Non-Newtonian Fluid - Lamar University The Weissenberg Effect
Non-Newtonian Fluids Three Viscoelastic Effects
Most Intelligent Mimic Octopus in the World Shapeshifting Octopus
And The Waltz Goes On by Anthony Hopkins Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter
Beethoven Symphony No.5 - Seoul Philharmonic Victory - Andre Rieu & BOND
The Imperial March - the Vienna Philharmonic YouTube Symphony Orchestra - 2011 Grand Finale
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - Hallé Orchestra William Tell Overture Finale - Milwaukee Symphony
Quick Change Artists
America's Got Talent - David & Dania Britain's Got Talent - Sam & Vicki Vizage
Best Parkour and Freerunning - 2013 Parkour
Evolution - Le parkour The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning - 2012
Pool - Trickshots
Amazing Pool Tricks - Prayingmantis Swedish Pool Star Ewa Laurance
A Dozen Trick Shots with Mary Avina Venom Unleashed In Vegas
Trickshot: Artistic Pool Trick Shots Venom Trickshots II
Punoff, O. Henry
1995 World Championships 2012 Final Round
2007 World Championships 2012 Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2008 Finals 2013 Alex Petri
R/C Helicopters
Amazing Flying Skills - T-Rex 600, Alan Szabo, Jr World's Largest R/C Helicopter Event IRCHA 2012
R/C Planes
R/C Airplane - in Gym R/C Airplane - Outside
R/C Quadcopters
Athletic Power of Quadcopters - Raffaello D'Andrea 49 Quadrocopter in Outdoor-Formation-Flight
Relaxing Nature Sounds
Gentle Stream - 8 hrs, 15 mins Rain and Thunder - 10 hrs, 1 min
Ocean Waves - 11 hrs, 3 mins Small Waterfall and Bridge - 8 hrs, 20 mins
Redneck Art
Done with BBQ Ribs
Rifle Drill Teams
United States Army Rifle Team - Spirit of America United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon - 2013
River Dance
Celtic Dueling Violins Michael Flatley Feet of Flames
Feet of Flames - Planet Ireland HD Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance Finale
Irish Dance Group - 2009 Riverdance Finale
Hillbilly - LDRS 26 - High Power Rocket Launch Saturn V Scale Model Rocket Launch
Battle Summerstyle 2011 - Zaira Tari Freestyle Slalom Style Champion - 2008 - Chen Chen
Best of Freestyle Skating - Singapore Freestyle Slalom Rosedal - Old School
Fantastic Little Girl!! - World Championship Paris 2014 SkateLondon 2011 Best 8 Men Classic
Rubik's Cube Records
CubeStormer 3 Smashes Rubik's Cube Speed Record Solving 50 Rubik's Cubes Blindfolded
History Of Rubik's Cube World Records World Records 2014 New Edit
Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in a Second World Records 2015
Sand Drawing
Kseniya Simonova Ilana Yahav - 2013
Sand Sculptures
Sand Sculptures - Winner of National Competition World Championship of Sand Sculpting - 2011
Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Sign Juggling
AArrow World Sign Spinning Championships - 2011 Sign Juggler
Amazing Professional Sign Spinner Street Sign Juggler
Daft Punk "Lose Yourself To Dance" AKA Daft Signz
Simulated Fireworks Shows
New Years 2013 - Synchronized Epic Music Synchronized to Rolling In The Deep, Adele
Synchronized to Nothing Else Matters
GIBBON Slacklines - Allstars Tour "City Slackers"  Slackline WorldCup 2013
GIBBON Slackline Contest - ISPO 2010 World Slackline Masters 2015
Slinky Acts
Duo Veniamin's Human Slinky Ridiculous Tricks You Can Do With a Slinky!
Insane Slinky Skills: Crazy Street Performance in China Slinky Kung Fu
Rainbow slinky - Cabaret Show on TV
Greatest Skateboarding Tricks Rodney Mullen
Speed Painter
Never Forget 911 by Dan Dunn Ray Charles Painting by Dan Dunn
Patriotic Painting by Dan Dunn
Steam Trains
Grand Canyon Steam Train Steam Trains at Speed
Last of the Giants Steam Trains Galore!
SP 4449 Holiday Express Steam Train Steam Trains Galore 2!
Belle of Louisville Mississippi Queen
Delta Queen
Stick Bomb
Guinness World Record: Largest - 30,849 Sticks 1000 sticks HD!
The Kinetic King Detonates - 2250 Sticks! 18,169 sticks
Stilt Walkers
African Stilt Walkers' Dance at 2014 Umoja Festival Stilting as a random act of kindness
Mardi Gras Universal Studios Stilt walkers  UniverSoul Stilt Walkers
Stilt World- LA ECO Arts Tour - Excerpt Women of Stilt World
Strange and Beautiful Instruments
A Simple Song - Array Mbira Monster Tubulum: Time to Start II
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" on the Glass Armonica Spacedrum by Yuki Koshimoto - Space Drum
Glass harp-Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565 Water Drops - Tongue Drum
Brooms Stomp Out Loud
Street Art, 3D
Best of 3D Street Art Illusion - Episode 2 - HD The Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art
Tap Dancing
Bill Bojangles Robinson and Shirley Temple Great Dance Routine - James Cagney and Bob Hope
How To Handle A Telemarketer Telemarketer Reverse Troll
How to torment telemarketers with one word Terrorizing Telemarketers
Prank call - Telemarketer nightmare Tom Fires a Telemarketer! OMG!
Texting Accidents
Dangers of Texting While Walking - Associated Press Texting While Walking Accidents - ABC News
From One Second To The Next - NewsHunter29, 35 mins Woman's Story to End Texting While Driving - WDTNTV
Theater Organ
Going Ballistic - John Bowdler on Blackpool Tower's Organ Star Wars/Raiders of the Lost Ark - Martin Ellis
The Entertainer - Charlie Balogh at Organ Stop Pizza Stars and Stripes Forever - Organ Stop Pizza
Handel's Messiah - Lew Williams at Organ Stop Pizza Tea for Two - Kay McAbee at Phil Maloof's Home
Trick Riding (Horses)
Mel Spittall/Southern Stars Roman Riding and Trick Riding - Jessica Blair 2013
The Universe
The Largest Galaxy in the Universe: IC 1101 The Smallest to the Biggest thing in the Universe!
Magnifying the Universe - Atoms to Galaxies in HD Star Size Comparison HD
Jeff Dunham brings Walter on BU Tonight Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News
Jeff Dunham with Peanut and Jose Jalapeno on a Stick Paul Zerdin at Comedy Rocks
Kevin Johnson on David Letterman Shari Lewis with Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse
Vertical Dance
Bandaloop - A Pioneer in Vertical Dance Waltz On The Walls Of City Hall - Oakland, CA
Virtual Choir
'Fly to Paradise' - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 'Water Night' - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
'Lux Aurumque' - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 'What If' - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
'Sleep' - EricWhitacreVEVO
Voice, Sound Effects
Beatbox brilliance - Tom Thum at TEDxSydney Michael Winslow - Sound effect man from Police Academy
Water Bowl Act
Ada Ossola Dinamic
Gulnara Karaeva
Water Jetpack
Flyboard - Coolest Water Jet Pack EVER!!! Flyboard - HD
Top 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls
Waterfalls of the World - 1 hr
Water Shows
Bellagio Fountain - My heart will go on - Celine Dion Burj Dubai Fountain - "Time To Say Goodbye"
Wheel of Death
Cirque du Soleil - Ka in Las Vegas The Columbia Wheel of Death - Beginning
Chihaya Kosugiyama - World Champion World Champion Whistler Yuki Takeda
Basejumping - Phoenix Fly Cave Flight - Alexander Polli
X Games
X Games Austin: Moto X Freestyle Final, BMX Big Air Final X Games: Big Air
Skateboard - Park Final X Games Austin 2015 X Games Brazil 2013 - Skateboard Big Air