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It's about helping you succeed with "Your (Tu) Juggle"

Wildcat Jugglers Tutorials by Difficulty
by Rob Abram

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Wildcat Jugglers were a group of students who met once a week to juggle. The club met at Thunder Bay Junior High in Alpena, Michigan. I would like to thank Rob Abram for allowing me to put his tutorial videos on my website.

This tutorial is designed to teach beginning to intermediate juggling patterns. Each trick is described in writing and is accompanied by at least two videos, one in regular speed and the other in slow motion. If the videos don't play, you'll need to install Apple's QuickTime player.

For better written descriptions of these tricks, I highly recommend Jon Relf's TWJC Tutorials. There you will find well thought out written descriptions of many more tricks than I have listed here. I also recommend buying 
Charlie Dancey's Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling. It's fun to read and has great illustrations.

This list is organized by similar types of tricks. The list can also be sorted Alphabetically or by Trick Type.

Beginners Start Here:

Learning the Three Ball Cascade

Two Balls

Two in One Hand - Columns
Two in One Hand - Inside
Two in One Hand - Outside

Three Balls

Cascade Swoop
Over the Top Overhead Cascade 
Tennis Behind the Back Catch
Half Shower Penguin Catches
Reverse Cascade Crossed Arm Reverse Cascade
One-up Two-up One-up Two-up Shower
Rainbow Cross 441
One-up Two-up Hops Box
One-up Two-up Tennis Factory
One-up Two-up Infinity Around Head
Under the Leg Pendulum
Clawing Fake Mess
423 Double Yo-Yo
Right Middle Left Yo-Yo on Both Sides
W Yo-Yo Orbit
Fake One-up Two-up Take Outs
Under the Arm Burke's Barrage
False Shower Roll a Ball off Your Head
Real Tennis Neck Catch
Yo-Yo Behind the Back Start
Oy-Oy Half Mess
Behind the Back Mills Mess
Fork Catch Boston Mess
Chops Inverted Shower
Orbit Slam or Shuffle
Flash False Shower Yo-Yo
Shower Drop Box

Four Balls

Synchronous Fountain
Synchronous Half Shower
Asynchronous Fountain

Five Balls


Three Clubs

Under the Leg
Under Both Legs
Over the Top
Half Shower
Reverse Spin

Three Rings


Non-Juggling Stuff

Boomerang Rubber Band (Twanging)